Enjoy this Q&A getting to know longtime Almanac contributor, Angela Morris. She is a Harmony Catalyst, Conscious Truther and Energy Worker helping people shift their subconscious to live more meaningful, fearless and divinely sovereign lives. Find her online at angelamorris.com and on Instagram @theangelamorris.

Angela, tell us a little about yourself!

I'm a living woman focused on finding sovereignty, truth and learning new ways of being, of simplifying and growing. I enjoy helping others with Feng Shui and other tools to help them learn how their environment can heal or hurt and how to bring up and shift limiting subconscious beliefs. I also enjoy poetry and spoken word as a way to express truth, creativity, authenticity and inspiration. I love writing for the Almanac as writing is how I most naturally communicate thoughts, wisdom and experiences most effortlessly.  It is a joy to be part of this co-creative environment for building a New Earth, one that feels aligned and rooted in Divine Law, connection with nature, self-responsibility, individuation and community.

How did the New Earth Almanac cross your path and what has the experience of being a part of it been like for you so far?

NEA crossed my path upon inception as I was a member of other groups within the community where NEA is headquartered centered around spirituality, sovereignty and healing. I love that NEA is leading the way towards helping open people's eyes through thoughtful communication designed to help others help themselves.

As a contributor, I have deepended my own wisdom through focusing on expressing and alchemizing information presented as a means to offer the reader a thought provoking introspection or another way of perceiving and exploring the topic at hand.

The Almanac is a gem of information. There is something for everyone no matter where you are on your journey, from recipes and poetry to spirituality and self-help, taking time to bring the Almanac into your day will be enriching and you'll find yourself not wanting to miss a day!

What excites you about co-creating the New Earth and why is it important to you?

The sharing of tangible ideas and resources, collaborating and connecting with like-minds and a beautiful platform for being heard and seen. In a world of high-light reels and short attetion spans, the New Earth is helping people stop each day and devote enriching time to yourself, to clear away the clutter of the constant influx from the outer world.

What are you most thankful for?  

For the gift of spiritual vision and discernment, may I continue to hone this to make better choices for myself and in service to others (and my fur kids who give me purpose, joy and love each day)!

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?  

Never stop asking questions.

Where or how do you find it easiest to connect with the sacred on a daily basis?

Through presence--I will always find the sacred whether in devoted spiritual practice or brushing my teeth. :)

Thank you so much, Angela!