Get to know contributing writer, Michelle Nicolo Prentice, a Nashville-based singer, songwriter and stress relief coach. Her new album, "Mama's Lullaby" releases soon. Read on to learn more about it as well as what's exciting her most about co-creating with the New Earth community.

Michelle, tell us a little about yourself and how NEA first crossed your path?

I first heard of New Earth Almanac at a birthday brunch for a friend. When I bought the magazine that day the first thing I noticed was how physically beautiful it was. And then I began to read the articles. They spoke directly to my mind and spirit. What a perfect, beautiful idea and it couldn’t have been more timely. With all the crazy things going on in the world having something that was totally grounding and also spiritual, thought provoking and uplifting was crucial to me.

You have a new album coming out, tell us more!

Yes I am so excited to introduce this to the world. It is a two volume album called "Mama’s Lullaby" that will be releasing on August 7th.

This idea was a divinely given to me over 7 years ago. I was led to write lullabies for moms at every stage of motherhood. I believe that mothers never stop needing nurturing, mothering, soothing and calming just like their children do. So I cowrote 17 songs and two meditations with some of the most wonderful Grammy award-winning songwriters in Nashville. I began writing and recording them five years ago so this has been a very long but exciting journey so far. I am blessed to have so many amazing musicians on this project including my husband and both of my sons. So it’s sort of a family affair. I am beyond excited!

The music is phase one and phase two will be a website with content featuring additional support for moms. Ultimately my goal is to provide a platform that supports the entire woman. Emotionally, mentally and physically. If mama goes down it effects everyone. We have to keep our mothers healthy and well cared for.

You can go to for more information and to be kept in the loop as to where we are in our progression.

What excites you most about co-creating the New Earth and why is it important to you?

What excites me about co-creating with New Earth Almanac is number one the opportunity to talk freely about whatever my heart desires. Freedom being the most important word. It seems like our society has become less free where speech is concerned as well as other things. And as far as I can see it seems like sky is the limit where subject matter is concerned. That Truly feels open minded to me! And that is a breath of fresh air!

What is one benefit you think people might not know they will receive from being a part of the NEA sphere, either as a reader, contributor, etc.?

I think there are many benefits to being a part of the New Earth Almanac community. One of them is just the expansion of your heart and mind. I have read things I had never even thought about it has changed my perception on a profound level. Being a contributor is an incredible opportunity and one that has given me belief in myself that I can write what is in my head. So it definitely has boosted my confidence. I feel 100% accepted as myself. I think that is another benefit of being a part of this incredible community whether it’s online or physically having these amazing tabletop spiritual journals. The energy of the co-founders are truly heart-centered and spiritually connected but also very grounded. I love being involved with people like that!

What are you most thankful for?

There are so many things I am thankful for and one of them is the incredible friendships that I have gained since meeting Kirem and other contributors to NEA. What a wild, beautiful array of human beings! People I might not have ever met otherwise. It has expanded my whole world on many levels.

I am of course incredibly grateful to be a mom and now a grandmother. My family means everything to me and my friends who I consider a part of my extended family are just the best. I am so very blessed and I'm so very grateful every day!

What's one way you connect with Spirit on the daily?

The best way for me to connect with spirit is to be quiet and begin thinking about all the things I am so grateful for. And then remembering to actually converse with the creator just like I would anyone else I’d truly loved.

How are you embracing your current season in a “New Earth” kind of way right now?

I feel like I am embracing my current season by trusting my inner guidance more. Listening more and thinking less. When I trust the feeling or knowing that comes through but I know it’s not my thought I just following it and it never leads me down the wrong path. The more I do that the more confident I feel about trusting which is which. I guess it’s like a muscle The more you work it out the stronger it gets.

I could not encourage people more to get on board become a subscriber, become a contributor, to get involved with this community. It will add to and expand your life in the most beautiful ways you could ever imagine.

Thanks so much, Michelle!

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