Contributor Paul Meier has a Master of Divinity degree, is a Reiki Master, and formerly was a teacher, a business owner, a minister—and now is a convert to building a New Earth, re-translating New Testament Greek texts into language befitting an awakening age, convinced they were written to guide humanity to higher levels of consciousness. Today, get to know Paul through the following Q&A!

Paul, tell us how did New Earth Almanac cross your path?

I was introduced to NEA through a friend. She was giving me ideas for how I could connect with people who were open-minded and on the cutting edge of new thought. Having backed away from my Christian roots, I was hungry for knowledge outside the box of traditionalism and institutional religion. At that time NEA was an online almanac making plans to materialize into printed form. I was attracted to the fresh and colorful expression of content enhanced by art, which is even more stunning now that it is in printed form. I attended a few events, meeting Kirem, Marci, some of the writers, and I was hooked.

What excites you about co-creating with the New Earth and why is it important to you?

In recent years, my exposure to many things related to metaphysics, quantum physics, developmental levels of consciousness, spiritual giftings, and more has enhanced my ability and desire to combine what I learned during ten years in the ministry into a completely new retranslation of the New Testament. My own interpretations suggest this thing we call "God" is a different kind of higher power is both within us and outside of us. When applied to the Higher Force that “creates the universe,” quantum physics itself proposes that consciousness is the matrix of all things. Reading the articles in NEA continues to broaden and reinforce my own awareness of a divine power within every one of us, giving us miraculous powers for blessing and healing ourselves and others.

I see the NEA as a medium using a wonderful balance of content and artistry to bring previously misunderstood talents and gifts of individuals to believability in a rapidly changing world, a world that is on the brink of discovering Who and What it is capable of being. This blends well with my own efforts, and that’s why I enjoy being a part of this tribe.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

My father shared this advice with me. It begins with asking a question.

What are the three hardest things in life to do?

1. To climb a fence that is leaning toward you.

2. To kiss someone who is leaning away from you.

3. To open a closed mind.

In other words, 1. Life is easier than you’re making it; follow your inspirations, take the path that is fun and has little resistance. 2. Be a light that attracts things to you by being your authentic, fun-loving self. 3. It’s not your job to change anyone’s mind but your own. Let people believe what they want to believe (you needing them to agree with you is your ego demanding to be validated), then appreciate them for the gift and unique person life has guided them to be.

How are you embracing the current season in a “New Earth kind of way” right now?

I feel a palpable shift in momentum occurring at this time and it excites me. I am meeting many people who are sharing positive, uplifting energy about changes taking place in the world. Many have been working for decades to provide clear, compelling, scientific information to a public that has been resistant to accepting it. That resistance is weakening. The synchronicity of multiple disciplines intertwining with each other right now is astounding. It is likely there will be difficult challenges to face as things progress but the lightworkers of the New Earth will show the way, spreading the positive energy of possibility, opportunity, and healing in whatever happens. We all have chosen to be here at this special time in the development of a New Earth and I feel blessed to be part of it.

Thanks so much, Paul!

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