August 26, 2022

Just clarifying from yesterday's newsletter, that the following are guidelines, not requirements:

  • "Daily Devotional email: 450 words"
  • "Spiritual Journal: 1200 words"

Note that we always print longer articles in the Daily Devotional and shorter articles in the Spiritual Journal. We emphasize: The perfect length is how long it takes to share your story clearly and concisely. If pieces end up being too long for one post or print edition, we can always issue works in a series. Know that we are here to work with you!

Contributor Newsletter: August 2022

August 25, 2022

Greetings Contributors! August news and updates for you below. As always email us anytime at [email protected].

~Kirem, Marci, Kailee and Tara

1.) We are excited to share the launch of our new editorial Style Guide, created entirely by our hardworking copyeditor, Kailee Lingelbach! Enjoy Kailee's video message sharing about this new writing resource for contributors, now LIVE on our site! ‌

2.) Reminder: Preventing plagiarism. Thank you for helping out the editorial team, and the integrity of your writing by plagiarism proofing your own articles before submitting them to New Earth Almanac. We use the following free online resource to check the content we publish:

***After plagiarism proofing your piece: 1.) Include your score and 2.) the date it was checked under your bio in your draft submission. 3.) Note that articles need to be at least 85% original and if on the lower end of that score, may require further edits.

3.) It's time to submit content! Here're some helpful editorial updates and reminders.

***As we work to further develop our new print edition, deadlines for the quarterly Spiritual Journal are now 9 weeks prior to publication date:

  • Winter Spiritual Journal: October 15
  • Spring Spiritual Journal: January 15

Deadlines for the Daily Devotional email fall on the First and Third Fridays of the month. To be featured as a September or October Daily Devotional contributor, submit content by the following deadlines:

  • Friday, September 2
  • Friday, September 16
  • Friday, October 7

Now with two options to contribute to, here are some helpful guidelines on average word length to aim for:

  • Daily Devotional email: 450 words
  • Spiritual Journal: 1200 words

Wondering what to write about or contribute?

  • Experiment with audio and video content: Explore beyond the written word and consider sharing your meditations, mantra practices, energy work, etc. with our audience in a more interactive way. We're also offering a "Self-Care Sunday" series featuring longer form and multimedia content, perfect for these kinds of practices to be shared.
  • Some highlighted focus areas for the fall are: "Agelessness" / Aging / Inner Child and Shamanism. For a ton more ideas check out the updated editorial calendar online here:‌‌
Editorial Calendar
Thank you for considering sharing your content with New Earth Almanac! The editorial calendar provides insight onto subjects we’re considering for our Daily Devotional emails and for each issue of our quarterly Spiritual Journal (print edition). It serves to inspire writers and contributors with wha…

4.) Print Campaign success: We did it!! Thank you to all who purchased a print copy of the Summer Spiritual Journal during our "50 Orders in 5 Days" campaign! We achieved our goal and are so excited to manifest this into reality for our readers. We expect to have copies in hand to meet up at the free-to-attend Illuminate Festival Nashville (Cool Springs) on September 17th... stay tuned for additional in-town pick up opportunities to be shared soon. Thank you for your support!

5.) Check out our YouTube Channel: Help us grow to our first 100 subscribers! Like and subscribe to our channel today:

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Thank you, Contributors!!