Dear New Earth Co-Creators,

Thanks for your consideration in becoming a New Earth Almanac contributor! Below are our contributor guidelines and requirements, as well as resources and a helpful FAQ to assist you in getting started on your first submission. Should you have any questions along the way, please contact us. We can be reached anytime you have questions or need assistance with the submission process! Email us at [email protected].

We look forward to co-creating with you!

~ Kirem Marnett & Marci Lingelbach, Co-founders, New Earth Almanac

Contributor Guidelines

1.) Please sign and return our Publishing Agreement. This must be signed and returned before your article goes to print:

Publishing Agreement

2.) Submissions: Please send original copy (for the Spiritual Journal up to 1200 words and the Daily Devotional not more than 450 words preferred) as plain text in email to [email protected]. We also welcome photography, art, video and audio submissions (for audio, please rever to #5 below).

3.) Preventing plagiarism: Help out the editorial team, and the integrity of your writing by plagiarism proofing your own articles before submitting them to New Earth Almanac. We use the following free online resource to check the content we publish: After plagiarism proofing your piece: 1.) Include your score and 2.) the date it was checked under your bio in your draft submission. 3.) Note that articles need to be at least 85% original and if on the lower end of that score, may require further edits.

4.) Bios: Send along at the bottom of your submissions three separate bios — one line, three line and five line options that we can insert into the Almanac as appropriate. (Tip: Be sure to include and hyperlink your links and social accounts!)

5.) Audio Almanac: We include audio versions as an accompaniment to articles published each month. It is not required to participate, but we believe each contributor’s piece can be amplified and further personalized by the unique qualities of their own voice. If this is exciting to you, we encourage you to read for us and add to the chorus of talented voices in our circle. Note if you would like to share audio with us, there is a separate but easy review process required to assess your audio equipment prior to your participation. Please review our following Audio Almanac guidelines in advance:


We recommend bookmarking the following pages as they are updated often!

  • Review and refer often to our Ediorial Calendar for the most up-to-date information on deadlines as well as subjects we cover:
Editorial Calendar
The editorial calendar provides insight onto subjects we’re considering for each issue and serves to inspire writers and contributors with what might be pertinent to share with us in a timely manner. 💡Tips: Final deadlines always fall on the 1st of the month. Bookmark this page as we make changes
  • Refer to our Editorial Style Guide for guidance on our writing style and helpful reminders to keep your copy on point:
Copyeditor’s Corner: Announcing our Live Style Guide!
The Almanac is excited to share the launch of our new Style Guide, created entirely by our hardworking copyeditor, Kailee Lingelbach! Enjoy the following video message directly from Kailee sharing about this new writing resource for contributors, now LIVE on our site (see link below)! Style GuideWel…
  • We send out updates from time to time as well as a monthly(ish) newsletter to all Contributors sharing important info. This is where to find the most current communications directly to the Contributor team, and where to go if you ever need to refer back to a recent email or newsletter:
Contributor News + Updates
Update | August 26, 2022 Just clarifying from yesterday’s newsletter, that the following are guidelines, not requirements. We always print longer articles in the Daily Devotional and shorter articles in the Spiritual Journal. We emphasize: The perfect length is how long it takes to share your story…
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When are submission deadlines?

While we typically start placing articles for issues three months in advance, the final deadlines fall approximately eight weeks preceding the publication of each issue, i.e., deadline  for the Winter Solstice issue is October 15th, for the Spring Equinox issue, it's February 15th, etc.

What insight can you offer someone submitting the first time?

The magic of the Almanac is here to support creators and those who enjoy sharing their work out of the spirit of abundance to expand the reach of their content and bring it into a new context of conversation with others interested in co-creating the New Earth together.

The design of the publication is like that of a sacred circle, where each writer is passed the talking stick to share their own unique perspective and point of view from one to another every day of the year.

You'll also notice that the Almanac is written by people who might identify first as healers, visionaries, mystics, intuitives or artists (rather than professional writers) because they are involved on a daily basis serving as the co-creators building the world we wish to live in (much like farmers shared stories with each other from working the land in the classical Old Farmer's Almanac). In this way, many have found the New Earth Almanac a safe and supportive place to find one's voice and speak out. We are proud to represent the authentic and emerging voices of the New Earth movement.

In addition, those who view their contributed pieces as a tool to market the various ways they are activating the New Earth consciousness, are smart, savvy and recognize that sharing also serves as an opportunity to include in their bio field specific links and promotion for services, products, classes, etc. The circle of co-creation is about giving and receiving in cooperation--and the Almanac is an excellent vehicle for those interested in taking the journey together!

Tips: Submit articles as early as possible and be familiar with our publication, format, style and content before submitting. We encourage subscribers to contribute. Subscribers are people who have proven to be interested and invested in the conversation we’re having at New Earth Almanac and are excited to contribute their wisdom and voice. Write from your highest self!

Can I publish my article on my own after it appears in the Almanac?

Yes. As a publisher, we are proud to support writers, artists and content creators in retaining ownership of their own work. As a courtesy, we ask all contributors to honor exclusivity of their published piece with New Earth Almanac until the month after their contributed article has appeared (see our Publishing Agreement for more info). We emphasize original content over previously published work. If your submission has already been published in some form (including on social media), it's required to disclose that information up front as well as provide the link with your submission. Here is the copy we suggest to include if/when you re-publish an article: "A version of this article was originally published in the New Earth Almanac ("

Can I suggest photos or images to accompany my piece?

We invite image suggestions as long as they are original photographs taken by yourself or someone who provides permission in writing at the time of your article submission OR are source-identified, free and public use/domain images. If wishing to include free-use images, it is most helpful to send LINKS to them as they appear on their original download site. We appreciate it if all image suggestions are included with your submission by the deadline.

What happens when my submission is selected for publication?

If your article is chosen for publication, it enters a high-touch co-creative process of editing, revision, design and production with the Editorial Team. Be mindful that after your submission is received and in the running for publication, we aim to work with each writer to bring their article to final draft as soon as possible. This includes an initial review and feedback round, which may require edits and additions made by the writer with a short turnaround expected. After the second draft is received, your article goes to copyediting, followed by layout design, and then on to audio production (if applicable) and digital/print edition and/or web site placement. (Tip: Be prompt. Hold awareness that your level of timeliness--for better or worse--directly impacts both a multi-step process and others who are devoted to bringing your words to our pages. Contributors who are effective at working within and under deadlines are most often invited back.) All contributors receive 24-hour access to a proof copy of the final digital magazine version prior to publication.

What happens before it goes to print?

We will be in touch about setting up a Contributor Profile on our site that will remain up during the month your story appears. A color photograph of yourself (headshot preferred) and an up to 200 character bio are required to be profiled on the site. If the requirements aren't met or one isn't set up in time, your byline will appear in the body of the article and then filed under the "Guest Contributor" profile.

Note: Who appears where on our Contributor page is organized automatically by number of articles contributed. In addition, Contributor Profiles cannot appear on the page until their first attributed article or post goes live.

Reminder: You will also need to ensure you've completed our required Publishing Agreement prior to publication.

Who has the final say in what is published?

The New Earth Almanac has final say over all content we publish. We reserve the right to remove or revoke pieces from publishing at any time.

Additional Ways to Contribute

Collaborators Wanted: Have publishing, web, advertising, design or any other skills you think could help us? We’d love help and to hear from you!

Sponsor and Support: Interested in sharing your products, services or brands with our audience, the builders of the New Earth? Contact us!