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Over and over in my conversations with people, I hear these words: “I’m not ready.”

It breaks my heart because I see you and your limitless creative energy. Call it a gift, call it a curse, but I see the fullness of what a person is capable of when they move beyond doubt or feeling unworthy.

It’s not easy or comfortable for the ego to step into uncertain territory. We’ve all been there, so you’re in great company!

Whatever it is you really want to do, whatever it is that you know you have in you but are nervous, shy, even scared about, it is all okay. When you are ready, the “thing” will happen.

If you feel like you’re coming close to that edge of stepping out from the shadows, but you don’t quite know how, this video is for you.

In the video, I speak from the heart about this block of not wanting to be seen. It doesn’t really matter if you are hiding from yourself, from others, or from something monumental. The clearing I do in the video addresses all of it.

May you be free to illuminate the cosmos with your very essence.

From my heart to yours,

Andrea Mai

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