By Jan Maloch

During this time of ascension and rapid evolution, Jan offers channeled guidance from many multi-dimensional light guides. Through the use of channeled energy, she is able to provide the concepts, messages and wisdom from universal intelligence. For this article, she channels a 12th dimensional guide called Thaddeus with wisdom relevant for the ascension process.

Your planet has always known its place in the universe surrounded by a vast array of light and transformative energy. The earth is expanding dimensionally, reinventing itself so to speak or what we may call taking the ascension journey. The amount of light the planet wants to carry is enormous and the capacity for evolution is extraordinary. In all of this dimensional planetary change, humanity must step up as well to its dimensional responsibilities. It is no longer good enough to see yourself as a citizen of a country or of a planetary world. Much more is being asked of you and it starts with seeing yourself as a citizen of the universe.

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