As we enter the Season of the Witch, what better time to explore your birth chart to see where this archetype shows up in all her many guises? Asteroids are considered celestial bodies and thus also impart their own unique influences on our birth charts. There are hundreds if not thousands of asteroids identified, and many are named after goddesses. And of these, there are several associated with witchery. In this series we look at the most famous—or infamous as the case may be. Following up on Hekate, here we present Circe and Medea.


Exiled to an island to live out her days alone, Circe honed her craft. She became well-versed in plants, potions, and spells, most famously for turning nasty men into swine. Perhaps her placement in your chart will show you where your shapeshifting magic lies, or your affinity for plant medicine.

As a side note, Madeline Miller wrote a fabulous novel about Circe, filled with gorgeous imagery and poetic prose. If you’re curious about this misunderstood and misrepresented lesser-known goddess, I highly recommend that you read her book.


Circe’s niece Medea used her magical abilities to help Jason the argonaut, including helping him to find the Golden Fleece. Then after they had been married for several years, he left her for another woman named Creusa. This did not sit well with Medea—she poisoned Creusa and later murdered her two sons by Jason.

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