Let’s face it, men have been at the receiving end of a lot of criticism over the past several years, and while mostly it’s been an uncomfortable but necessary part of the process to elevate our human consciousness, to find balance between masculine and feminine, it’s important to check in and promote what is healthy male energy so the balance continues to stay positive and thrive. For our Masculine Energy Week series, I wanted to highlight guiding symbols amidst the Masculine that could help men further step into their gifts. In addition to the three Soul Signs that will appear in my article in the next edition of our Spiritual Journal (digital magazine) on 6/28, I also felt called to bring through a special channeled message just for New Earth men:‌

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Note to readers: In her ever-evolving intuitive practice, Kirem has updated the name of her work from Soul Animals to Soul Signs, which more accurately reflects the breadth of the channeled images and energies she receives. You can still find all of her Soul Animal Wisdom articles and recordings on the site under the #soulanimalwisdom hashtag, but note that a new one has been added for #soulsigns that will continue to carry this and future Almanac entries on the subject.

Kirem Marnett reads Soul Signs, a channeled system to help activate and guide those on the path of New Earth consciousness. Kirem offers 5D workshops featuring live group readings for the New Earth community around the world. Her next one is scheduled on Zoom for July 7 at 10 am CT. Stay tuned for registration info!

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Paul M. | "I intuitively was drawn to invite my own personal guides, Reiki guides, family/ancestral guides, archangel guides, and especially the authors of the biblical books I am translating, as well as Jesus, to help me receive the true intent of what was being channeled or received as they were putting their thoughts into written form. I have become much more confident in my choices of definitions to use, as well as in broadening the meanings in some cases and in other cases, ignoring many definitions, knowing the sixteenth to nineteenth century translators were not at a level of consciousness that could understand what the writers who had risen higher were trying to teach. Your message will inspire more women to put an elbow in their male partner's side and a word in their ears that they have access to all the knowledge of the universe if they invite it in."