It’s no secret that the world of convenience has driven humanity into a self-destructive process of laziness, passiveness and apathy. Technological advances have taken people out of their body, distracted by the latest, coolest, neatest fads promising ease of everything. From uber delivery to ChatGPT "research", the seeking of comfort and ease is destructive, undermining, and inverting the true meaning of what that means.

True comfort and ease come as a byproduct of work, movement and effort. For example, if you consistently commit to moving your body then you will feel more comfortable in your body and be able to move It with more ease.  If you spend time growing food then you will feel better by eating more nourishing food but also it will be at your disposal to pick and bring inside from your own garden. If you want to learn a new skill, sure maybe you can watch a YouTube video on it, but it’s in the picking up your hands and doing the thing that makes it real, it takes work. Think about if you make a salad at home, versus buying one ... how much better is the one that you chopped up all of the ingredients for and created yourself than most options available today?

If you want comfortable and easy, it is something to be cultivated, for there is no magic pill.

So how does this relate to technology? What I’m seeing is this push in technology to ask Siri or a machine for answers, but the answers are already within you and to think a machine knows you better than you know yourself is a fallacy. No amount of algorithms can tell you what is best for you because the machine can’t inner-stand your energetic makeup, your ancestral blueprint, and the human propensity for irrationality, surprise and leaping into the unknown. The machine might keep you safe but it cannot and will not propel you into an enlivened state of being connected to the human spirit, to joy and to love because it cannot, in itself, feel any of those things.

When we get to know who we really are we can tap into the greatest technology--our own power and the power of Divine influence in our lives. Don’t be fooled by shiny object syndrome, the illusion of ease and comfort or a magic pill, for the cost is much greater. All good things come with effort for it is in the movement that we create, where life takes root and we find ourselves.

Certainly, aspects of technology can be used in helpful, fun and/or productive ways when done so methodically and consciously but as we are witnessing now, the addictive dopamine-seeking, narcissistic tendencies it creates in humanity drive most into a new kind of rat race, a numbing and checking out of real life while endlessly scrolling into an oblivion of inaction.

If we’re going to take back our power, we have to also take back our propensity to be so easily influenced and pulled into the technological abyss where the new consumerism is one of sucking up our time, attention and focus--a place where dreams go to die.

Journal / Contemplation Prompts

Ask yourself:

  • Where am I losing time by using technology?
  • How can I schedule technology in my life in a more productive and positive way?
  • How can I tap into my own inner technology and say no to the advancements of man merging with machine, where individuals are at risk of losing their instincts and intuitive abilities to know what is best for themselves, and without needing an interface, instructions or outer interference?  
  • How can I bring life and joy into these tools without letting them overtake me?

If we’re going to use aspects of technology for good, then we have to know where to draw the line and how to hold onto ourselves without getting sucked into its grasp. We must remember the real technology is in ourselves and the natural world around us, with the effort we make to connection with our Creator.

Angela is here to help people wake up their soul and live with integrity, courage, self-awareness, and truth, finding the path of a more meaningful and divinely sovereign life. IG and Youtube @theangelamorris or

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