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This weekend steep yourself in the wisdom of the Celts from some of the past works of long-time contributing writers Eileen Bray and Lori Bradford Miles. Hear a New Earth take on St. Patrick, learn a little about leprechauns, be introduced to the badass rebel warrior Grace O'Malley, and explore the ancient realm of Celtic Druid astrology!

Where Is “Saint Patrick” in All of This?
As I began to ponder the subject of “Saint Patrick” and what his relevance is in modern day Ireland and the world at large, I have to be honest, it brought up all sorts of triggers for me. What came up lies somewhere between my deep love and reverence for
The Leprechaun is part of Irish mythology and folklore that dates back to the Middle Ages. Leprechauns fall under the Faerie folk, also known as ‘wee folk’ or the ‘little people’. The name Leprechaun is fitting because the name translates to “small body” in Middle Irish. The mysterious Leprechaun is
Ode to Grace O’Malley (Gràinne Mhaol)
I have always been attracted to the “badass”, rebel, warrior female archetype. I have such respect and reverence for those women in history who stood up against the ever-present patriarchy and broke the seemingly predestined mold for their lives. Standing up for justice and liberty and breaking thro…
Druid Astrology
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth