It's funny that calendars include Tax Day as an official U.S. holiday ... it's anything but! If you're participating in the madness and completing your taxes by the deadline today, check out contributor Angela Morris' addition to our Spring "Sacred Economy" topic in her thought-provoking piece on the meaning of money.

You know the old saying about money burning a hole in your pocket? Well, maybe there is deeper meaning to this after all. We naturally want to spend because within us is a desire to give, and when we allow the flow of money to circulate through giving and receiving from a conscious place of Divine guidance, then we can begin to feel into the ever-present abundance all around us.

Often, we resist out of fear there won’t be enough or we over-spend from foolish consumerist desires, we get lost in limiting beliefs, and we create resistance to the flow of prosperity. You see, money is a representation of energy, and usually it’s not about the money, it is about what money gives us: choices, opportunity and comfort.

What if you gave all that resistance and limitation up and got really uncomfortable? Imagine what it would feel like to burn money (Now this is illegal in the U.S., so I’m not suggesting you do this, this is a hypothetical thought exercise). For some people, maybe that’s a dollar, for someone else they might burn $500. What about doing this in multiple currencies? Does the thought of this bring up resistance in the body? Do you think things like: “I could use that to buy something, or help someone or take a trip somewhere?” Or, do you truly have faith in the creator that you would be provided for, that you already have everything you need, that abundance is our birthright and prosperity is a mindset?

Prosperity is more than money—it’s gratitude, appreciation, being healthy, having strong relationships, and realizing each moment is a gift to be in—it is a form of wealth.

It’s about more than just money, it’s the energy we imbue in it within our society as a means of transacting, of feeling safe, of creating what we desire.

As a mental exercise, imagine that money is on fire and watching it burn. What if the fire alarm went off? God does have a sense of humor, and ringing that alarm might be saying to you, “I see you alchemizing this stuck energy, stuck beliefs and fear of losing what society tells us to label as valuable, after all, it’s just a piece of paper?”

Or do you feel the lightness from letting go, the knowing there is always enough for everyone despite the world’s controllers trying to make us think we live in scarcity? When we look around at the beauty of Mother Earth, it’s easy to see she’s fully abundant.

Real wealth and value are much more tangible, and I don’t just mean gold and silver, but our attention, our focus, our time, health and connection—are these not our greatest assets? Where attention goes, currency flows. That current is electricity carried through us.

What are you holding onto? What is truly valuable? How does it make you feel to think about turning cash to ash? Ashes can be used for many things, such as nourishing the soil, and when we nourish the soil, we nourish the soul. Burning up cash (hypothetically) is a form of alchemy that can help move energy; after all, they are always creating more of it. I don’t know how this exercise would work if we move into the digital age (that’s a terrifying thought), as deleting something is not quite the same, for it is in working with the elements themselves where this power of transformation lives.

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