By Richard Dorn

Candle burning rituals can be quite elaborate and complex involving dozens of candles in a multitude of colors. Here is a simple ritual that is focused upon either retaining or restoring good health.

An altar is not required but a dedicated space that can be set aside for the duration of the ritual is. Bathe in scented waters before beginning and then arrange a dedicated space that can be set aside for the duration of the ritual.

You will need:

  • White altar candle
  • White candle
  • Incense/burner
  • Petitioner Candle (Color based on your birth month or that of the person you are performing the ritual for)
  • 1 Orange Candle
  • 3 Red Candles


  • Light 2 white altar candles, light incense
  • Meditate on the goodness of health and visualize it flowing into the body of the petitioner.
  • Light the petitioner’s candle.
  • Visualize the person you are petitioning for and say, “Here is …(person)…experiencing (issue being addressed). May the blessings of the universe be upon him/her and may he/she prosper."
  • Light the orange candle and say, “This flame draws all that is good and healing to (person).”
  • Light the 3 red candles and say, “May health, strength and healing threefold enter into (person’s) body to serve & build him/her as the spirits wish.
  • Meditate on having the blessing of good health and the joy it brings to (person). Acknowledge that your petition is being broadcast throughout the cosmos and amplified by the power of the candle flames.  
  • Spend 10 to 15 minutes in silence, then extinguish the candles in reverse order.

This ritual is performed on Friday evenings for seven weeks. At each ceremony, the red candles are moved closer to the petitioner’s candle so that at the conclusion of the seventh session, they are actually touching.

Based in Middle Tennessee, Richard Dorn has been a practicing Druid since encountering the Green Man one day while trekking the forest. He enrolled into a Druid School in the British Isles and began the study of what the Druids refer to as “nature spirituality.” A major covenant of Druidism is there are no rules or dogma one needs to adhere to. Come as you may, take what you wish and leave to each his own. Connect with Richard via email at [email protected].