Tomorrow on June 21st the Sun enters the Water sign of Cancer, heralding the Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) and the official beginning of summer. The Sun will swim through Cancer through July 22. Ruled by the moon, intuitive, sensitive Cancer corresponds to the element of water—especially flowing water.  Symbolized by the crab, Cancer’s waters include the oceans, teeming with sea creatures.

This correspondence with water speaks to the deep feeling nature of Cancerian energy. Cancer is associated with motherhood, nurturing, children, and the home. Healing, teaching, and hospitality are also Cancerian qualities.

Feelings often gush to the surface in someone with strong Cancerian energy. The sensitive yet private nature of Cancer is symbolized by the crab’s hard shell and soft interior and the crab’s side-to-side movement. Folks with strong Cancerian energy often prefer to avoid conflict or direct confrontation and will find ways to move indirectly toward their goals, much like the crab.

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