'Tis the season for gathering with open hearts! If ceremonial cacao is calling to you, here is a single serving recipe perfect for Self-Care Sunday. Shared by senior contributing writer, Lori Bradford Miles it's a BONUS to her latest piece in our NEW Winter Spiritual Journal, "Cacao Ceremony: The Art of Ka’kau Chokola’j" (hard copies are available to order now, and the digital edition releases this week)! Simply scale up the recipe to offer this beautiful beverage with others this season!

When preparing cacao for ceremony, make this a ritual within itself. You can chant, sing or pray as you prepare to share a magical and highly vibrational plant medicine with others.

The amounts below are per person, so you can multiply it by the number of people partaking. You can also create your own Sacred Cacao Ceremony at home just for you!

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