Dear New Earthers,

It's Fall ... and just like the leaves, there are changes happening right here at NEA. You may have noticed by now that we have not released a Fall print edition. After a very hot, oppressive summer here in Tennessee and an understandable slow down in writing activity and content submissions, we followed the subtle energy in allowing an opportunity to "catch our breath" and push pause on the print edition this season.

During the Metal months of autumn, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this is the appropriate time to focus on the organs of the Lungs and Large Intestine. In order for new breath to come in, we have to make room. This is in following the Large Intestine's innate wisdom around releasing what no longer serves, sustains or supports. When we let go, we can let in more.

By letting go of the quarterly print cycle, we're letting in something new ... what exactly? We're not quite sure! But we've both felt guided at the "gut" level to honor this pause.

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." - Omar Khayyám

There are often times in life, on every journey and in any project where it just might be best to pull over, look at the scenery, review the map, or just chat with our fellow travel companions and enjoy the moment. Perhaps on the heels of the big Solar Eclipse and Libra New Moon this past weekend, we're all feeling a bit of the same cosmic stardust stirred up asking, "What is really important to us?" (For more on this read Marci's insightful article here.)

Maybe today you will join us.

Find a way to push pause.

Give yourself some breathing room.

If you were to focus on what's really important to you now, in this moment, what can you let go of? What falls away easily? What fades into the background without the need to turn back?

We're pausing with you to ask ourselves the same things, and to observe and notice where it's easy to let go, give thanks and be open to what's revealed at the next bend in the road.

We're all on new footing and charting the ground beneath our feet in this New Earth. Thank you for taking the time out of your morning to travel with us each and every day. May your steps ahead always be in the direction of peace, love and lifelong learning and growing.


Kirem & Marci

Kirem Marnett, MAOM and Marci Lingelbach are the co-founders of New Earth Almanac. We are always open to and appreciate feedback from our readers. Leave a comment on the site or connect with us anytime at [email protected].