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Originally published in the Almanac on July 12, 2021, “Birthing the New Earth” features one of the Editorial Team's favorite take-away tips from the past year for keeping our vibration high.

Birthing the New Earth is now in full progress! Remember, perspective is everything, and what we align with now makes all the difference in the outcome.

As many have said: “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” We are the ones who have the choice to be mature, spiritual human beings knowing that we can harness the divine power of Creation together and make the changes we want in this new level of awareness, or we can stay in fear. This is more like a rite of passage for our souls. To Rise Up in vibration. To Trust. To Decide. To know we Can make the changes. We have it within us to do this. To activate our will and do what it takes to maintain our Creator-given freedoms as well as our innate-inspired vision for our Life.

There are forces affecting this planet that have always been here. They’re just being seen more clearly now, as our collective level of awareness increases. It is time to stand up, however, and see through the eyes of yourself as a spiritually powerful, mature adult. What matters to you? Who and what do you trust? Why? Was it an assumed trust (repetitive programming) or a deep, innate sense of what feels true and feels like the right thing to do? Learning the tools that give real discernment and what truth feels like within us is more important now than ever. These tools can help us wade through the engineered deception and chaos. The ones who work with those forces have a definite goal, but so do we.

We are the Light Leaders of the New Earth. We are here, standing hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul and song-to-song, envisioning the optimal outcomes and doing the work of revealing illusion and false tales. Turning over the stones of deceit and revealing information that has long been hidden about the magic, majesty and beauty of our nature. As we embody the beautiful New Earth’s purity, integrity, truth and powerful Love, we move forward together and build a whole new playing field for humans and all Earth beings to thrive.

Suggested Exercise: “One Note Higher”

The phrase, “It’s all music” has been part of my organization (Light Leaders International)’s trainings for decades now. Every part of Creation has frequencies. Reality is made up of frequencies. A daily tuning-in exercise that may help you quickly realign with your optimal internal state is one that I call “One Note Higher”.

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