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The New Earth Almanac proudly presents a celebration of Beltane with mantra singer/songwriter Eileen Bray, and her original music and "chant weaving" creation, Celtic Kirtan! Experience the magic of this one-of-a-kind sound-healing event in honor of Beltane, the traditional Celtic festival honoring the mid-way point between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice at 11:00am on Sunday, May 1st at Mindful Nashville!

Created by Eileen Bray, a multi-talented spiritual teacher and Irish singer/songwriter, Celtic Kirtan features songs of healing that are so medicinal for our times. Eileen’s gift for “chant weaving” fuses traditional mantra with words of wisdom from her Celtic/Irish roots as well as from languages across the globe. Kirtan traditionally serves as a form of yogic practice and is a way to bring community together in song—and singing along is encouraged! Accompanied by bass, percussion and wind instruments, this modern day “mantra mashup” blends sounds, words and music to uplift the community and is an absolutely unforgettable sound healing experience.

Eileen Bray: Harmonium, Guitar and Bodhran
Maximilian Neiderle: Clarinet and Saxophone
Jeffrey Irvin: Bass and Backing Vocals
Tara Kimes: Percussion

When: Sunday, May 1, 2022 at 11:00am
Where: Mindful Nashville, 100 Taylor Street, Suite A-12, Nashville, TN 37208
SPACE IS LIMITED - get your ticket now, we will sell out!

General Admission: $25
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Celtic Kirtan in celebration of Beltane | EventSprout
May 1, 2022 - 100 Taylor Street, Suite A-12, Nashville, TN 37208
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What others have to say about experiencing Eileen Bray’s Celtic Kirtan:

“Eileen is a magical song enchantress weaving the beauty of the Irish language and its Celtic sacred mantras into a greater experience that is a delight for the soul and senses. Eileen holds space in a way one can't help but come away feeling rooted and renewed. Celtic Kirtan with Eileen and New Earth Almanac is so wonderful!”

“Eileen, it was a thing of joy last night at the Celtic Kirtan. You and your beautiful band of musicians created such a special space for my heart... it was like coming home to these parts of me that are from some ancient time, and brought them into a full moon springtime evening in the middle of a modern city. Blessed be and may there be many more of these events to come! I can't wait to invite people to join in such a rich experience. Your love of language was deeply appreciated by this one who also loves language, texture and meaning. Wow!”

“Celtic Kirtan is truly Medicine for the Soul, and Eileen's voice IS her wand! Come everyone and experience this absolutely one-of-a-kind New Earth creation, it will uplift, energize and make your bones tingle and dance. You will leave with your heart opened and reminded of the GOOD in the world--it IS here, amongst us and within us, come join in and let your heart sing with us!”

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