Traditionally, left-brained people present as more logical, analytical and numbers-oriented. They also prefer to express themselves more verbally than their right-brained counterparts. Those who express more frequently from the right hemisphere are said to be more visual, intuitive, creative, and interested in the big-picture view of life and situations. In the collective Ascension towards the New Earth, many are finding higher states of consciousness accessible through practices and healing modalities that elicit more highly active brain states, accelerating the communication and function of both hemispheres simultaneously. Greater unity within our own brains and bodies radiates a higher and faster vibration, one of integrity and harmony, that expands beyond our physical bodies and energy fields into that of our environment, the planet and cosmos. In other words, when you change your brain, you change your vibration—which changes the world.

The following Kundalini Yoga-based exercise and mudra help to harmonize the two hemispheres of the brain as well as the Negative and Positive Minds.

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