The following excerpts are taken from new contributing writer and author, John Long's book, The Rainbow: A Journey to Unconditional Love chroniciling his recovery and also his search for a soul mate.

In March of 2018, I take a trip to Sedona, Arizona on a Psychic Awareness Retreat with friends I meet on Facebook ... A good friend of mine had moved out there eight years ago and I wanted to see him while I was there. The Saturday after we arrived, we do a fire ceremony wherein we write a letter to God. We ask for Him to show us a sign that He got our letters. I ask for a rainbow. We place the letters into the fire and send it out into the Universe.

The next day I contact my friend and he wants to take me to an AA meeting he is chairing that night. I Google map the location and it’s three blocks from where I’m standing. I tell him I’ll walk. I get to the meeting and it’s a large room with crystals everywhere and soft meditative music playing twenty-four hours a day. Everyone finally arrives and my friend hands me “How it Works” to read at the beginning of the meeting. He then says, “Welcome to the Over the Rainbow Group of Alcoholics Anonymous!” I start to cry uncontrollably. I can’t read. Everybody is looking at me like damn, this guy from Alabama can’t read. I finally finish reading it, falteringly.

I get back from the trip and while going through the photographs, I notice a rainbow in one of them. God got my letter!

I return from Sedona and go to lunch with friends. Ashly was in the group. I know Ashly from the AA meetings, and didn’t know anything about her except that she cut my hair on several occasions and I like the way she cut it. It’s so hard to find a good stylist that cuts it like you like it. She is very attractive, with short dark hair, hypnotic green eyes and cute as a button, but I was waiting on the woman God was sending me as she really isn’t my type. She had a job, had a high self-esteem and there was nothing for me to “save.” She also had a great sponsor, was working a program, sponsoring other women and had it going on. She seemed happy, joyous and free with ten months of sobriety.

As she is leaving, I ask if she wants to come over and watch a movie. There is just something about her and I can’t place my finger on it.

We start dating and exchanging time spent at her house and mine. She’s an excellent cook and an excellent lover. We’re like two peas in a pod as my mother would say. Our banter with each other is like nothing I have experienced. I could be totally myself like never before and she felt the same way. She could tell I was “holding back," and after about three weeks of bliss, we were watching a movie at my house. Out of nowhere she turns to me and says, “My momma used to call me Rainbow when I was growing up.” I turn to her and say, “No she did not!” “Oh yes she did,” she says with a twinkle, and texted her aunt and dad and confirmed what she said. I’m still not so sure this is really happening and it takes several more weeks for it to sink in. I’m still holding back, protecting my heart, when one night as we’re making out in my driveway before she gets in her car, she says, “I love you John.” And I say, “I love you.” We both start crying tears of joy as she leaves the driveway. This is the beginning of a love I have never known before and I tell her this all the time. She says the same thing. After some prodding by her, I eventually open my heart to her fully and completely. God has brought me (literally to my front door) the woman he wants me to be with and that I asked Him for in my letter."

Today, write your own letter to God. Ask for a rainbow of confirmation that your message is received ... then see what magic unfolds!

World renowned author of Amazon's #1 New Release in the Substance Abuse Category: The Book of John (Not the One in the Bible) and The Rainbow: A Journey to Unconditional Love, John T. Long is a licensed practicing attorney, counselor, motivational speaker and personal life coach who has helped thousands of people. Born and currently residing in Birmingham, Alabama he is a self-taught metaphysician, carpenter, writer, artist and musician. To learn more, find John on Facebook and explore his shop on Etsy.

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