While we're mid-stream in the watery season of Pisces, you may be feeling your creative side calling to you! Gifted in the arts, Pisces guides us to expand our modes of self expression. Below enjoy some of the ways New Earth Almanac content creators and contributors have shared their artistic gifts with us and explore your creative side today!

The Colors I Breathe
In this exploration of the magic at play when art inspires art, Mz Breezy shares a piece of music that inspired her painting, “The Colors I Breathe” (acrylic on paper, 2022), shown in the background and below. What might music inspire you to create today? If my heart could dance
Calm & Collected
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Shameless Times
I remember the day in 2010, it was spring in L.A., and I could see the overgrown wheat colored brush with purple flowers peeking through my large picture window, reminding me it needed to be cleared once again in order to avoid a fire on the hillside. I sat
Scorpio Season Coloring Page
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