In her article, "Betrayal and Gratitude" last month, Yogi and Almanac contributor Becky Leigh showed us how forgiveness is a healing art. We came to find out that her story yielded even more artforms through her own digital creations inspired by and reflective of the emotional transformation process found in her own healing. We initially planned to add the pieces to her original article, but they had such an impact on the editorial team, we decided to dedicate an additional post in order to share them with you. Enjoy Becky's beautiful words and works today!

This winter I spent some time making a series of images exploring how I was working through…working with…any energies of “Betrayal” deep within my physical and energetic bodies. I believe that many of us who are alive now are here to work with deep ancestral energies and patterns, to heal and release. Part of this work is about seeing things as they are, holding and feeling vs. pushing away. Resting in the discomfort from which new beginnings are born.

These ancient “disharmonious” energies — like Betrayal — they are leaving our experience. They are tired, these demons, and they are ready to be released into the cosmic womb of the No-Thing where they will eventually be transformed and re-created. They are empty shells that are crumbling, and we can see this in the old structures of power being shown to be hollow shells of betrayal and control. We have the power to command our sovereign sphere of being, and any energies that reside therein no matter how ancient. The keys are in our water, our earth, our fire, our air: our Holy Human Form. We have the power to release and transform with our connection to ether. We are all children of the Most High and we are called to walk daily with the Risen Christ: this is our birthright as Holy Human BEings.

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