April’s issue takes us into the intersection of mental health and social media, across the spectrum of rainbow medicine, and leads us deep into the wild! From virtue signaling to dopamine detoxing to anxiety, our writers get real this month. This playlist covers every article from our April 2022 issue and introduces the musings of new contributor William Henry, host of the History Channel show “Ancient Aliens”, who offers fresh perspectives on everything from leaving Facebook to the rainbow body built for ascension and the shape of our planet!  For Rainbow Week we explore rainbow medicine and light as a spiritual path--from ancient rainbow deities to rainbow crystals to the star seed phenomenon. The playlist ends on an earthy note with several tracks on rewilding and reclaiming the inner wildish nature, where you’ll find a spring guided visualization and a recipe for dandelion greens! Enjoy this three and a half hour playlist on your lazy Sunday or next road trip! We hope it’ll add some comfort, richness, and depth to your life!

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