Dear New Earthers,

Welcome to the tenth issue of New Earth Almanac! The number 10 always stands out to me as a number of boldness and accomplishment. Through all the lessons of 1-9, 10 holds a triumphal energy! We’ve crossed a finish line somehow this month here at the Almanac—energetically and physically. All of us on staff feel change is in the air (especially on the spring winds here in Middle Tennessee!). Can you feel it, too? This month we were literally blown away by the amount of wisdom and sharing flying in from our Contributor Circle—we have essentially three themed weeks of conversation this month. Enjoy the first week’s review of the intersection of society, social media and mental health followed by an uplifting view on the beauty and magic of Rainbows, serving as a metaphor and reminder of the inherent Transformation and Ascension wisdom of Easter! Beginning around Earth Day we close out the issue with a week focused on our return to the Wild—investigating our rebellious natures, what we lose and find in getting into the weeds of life a bit more, and recognizing that our deepest connections to Source and Divinity lie outside of the programming and comfort zones we’ve been taught.

So follow the rainbow and dive into the deep end with us this month—let’s see what kind of world we discover together when we let magic and mystery way-show the ways of the wild and free!

Wishing you a magical month!


April Editorial Circle

Kirem Marnett, Co-Founder, Editorial Director & Executive Producer

Marci Lingelbach, Co-Founder, Events Director & Social Media / Special Projects Producer

Kailee Lingelbach, Chief Copyeditor & Publishing Consultant

Geoffrey Visgilio, Editor-At-Large & Voice Over Artist

Tara Kimes, Guest Editor, Audio Almanac

Lori Bradford Miles, Senior Contributing Writer

Eileen Bray, Contributing Writer & Voice Over Artist

Michael Lott, Contributing Writer & Podcast Consultant

Alan Marnett, Web Site Consultant


Richard Dorn

Michael Garber

William Henry

Jessica Johnson

Michelle O’Connell Katz

Teresa Moralez

Andrea Mai

Angela Morris

Veronica O’Grady

Angela Taylor (Mz Breezy)

Birdie Todd