Update: We did it!! Thank you to all who purchased a print copy of the Summer Spiritual Journal during our "50 Orders in 5 Days" campaign! We achieved our goal and are so excited to manifest this into reality for our readers. Stay tuned for delivery and in-town pick up opportunities to be shared soon.

I am tired of digital connections... I would rather have a real magazine in my hands. As we move to rebalance our connection to others and grounding, having a physical experience with the magazine would be better...
My preference would be to have a physical magazine that is mailed to me. I would take in the content more than having the daily emails.

The summer of experimentation continues at New Earth Almanac! Delivering on our second request by subscribers, in our latest development this summer we are now officially offering the chance to purchase a print copy of our current issue!

50 Orders in 5 Days

In order to produce a printed run of the Summer Spiritual Journal and keep the cost as low as possible for our readers, we must reach the goal of 50 total purchases before we place a bulk order from our printer. To get copies in your hands asap, we're launching a crowd-sourced-style campaign to achieve the goal within the next five days. Order yours today, help us reach this goal and have the very first, collectible print edition of New Earth Almanac on your coffee table before the end of summer!

Ordering within the next five days will be the ONLY chance to receive the summer issue in print form. If we do not receive 50 orders before 11:59 p.m. CST Sunday 8/21, we will hold off on the bulk order until the goal is reached and release the next issue for print instead.

To be counted in the campaign, you can order either one of two options below–either get your copy with US Priority Mail shipping included or without (we will email options for pick up if you live in the Nashville area).

Live internationally? Send us an email at [email protected] and we are happy to work with you on customized shipping.

If you're like our subscribers whose comments appear above, send us the message that you'd like to see a return to the printed page by purchasing your copy today and supporting independent publishing. Thank you for your support!