Happy International Podcast Day! Marking the occasion, the New Earth Almanac is proud to announce we're officially moving ON AIR! That's right, as of today we're bringing our audience deeper into conversation and community through broadcasting. And we're launching two very special offerings to kick off today's celebration – an audio podcast AND a video series.

The first, New Earth Conversations | Episode 1, is a FREE podcast to all who visit this page today! Share the link or forward the email to those you want to connect with the New Earth tribe. Listen to the whole episode below.

For Devotee subscribers: Don't miss our second On Air offering, a new video series also premiering today and available now, Soul Animals & the Stars with co-hosts Marci Lingelbach and Kirem Marnett. On the heels of the brand new Netflix documentary released this week, we dive into reading the Soul Animal Wisdom for... Britney Spears! Want to watch? Become a Devotee – subscribe for as little as $5 / month for a limited time! With upcoming episodes devoted to deciphering Soul Animal messages, their interpretations, and significance for the collective we'll be tuning in to personalities such as Tom Brady, Anthony Bourdain and even a Kardashian (and more to come) you won't want to miss it!

Coming soon... Stay tuned for a full-length podcast version of the entire September issue's Audio Almanac! With hours of engaging audio you'll hear directy from the voices of our writers and voice-over artists, bringing the pages of the New Earth to life. We'll post it on the site right after the Daily Devotional email goes out on October 5th! Accessible only to paid subscribers, be sure not to miss out and subscribe today.

New Earth Conversations | Episode 1

Circle Participants in order of appearance: Geoff Visgilio (Rhode Island, USA), Michael Lott (Knoxville, TN, USA), Kirem Marnett (Nashville, TN, USA) and Eileen Bray (Tipperary, Ireland).

In our very first episode, join a genuine roundtable discussion (facilitated by Geoff Visgilio) and hear from some of the creators and contributors to the New Earth Almanac on:

  • What inspires you?
  • What does the collapse of the Old World at the same time as the emergence of the New Earth mean to you, and how do you envision what's coming?
  • COVID as a metaphor for what's going on in the world today.

A couple of points regarding the discussion for our listeners:

  • Eileen mentions an event she attended in Ireland that deeply inspired her, the name of the group organizing it is Sovereignty Ireland.
  • Language warning: This was a genuine discussion where authentic--meaning at times foul--language is used.
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