Whether you’re more inclined to believe in magic or concrete chemistry, these challenging times serve as a great laboratory for the human experience. In our current print edition, the contributor circle shares views on transmuting our troubles into gold. Since ancient times, humans have been intent on transformation in all forms. How do we take the base ingredients of what we have been given, all the good and bad we have endured as well as the unknowns, and distill it all into a life worth living? Pick up your copy today to hear from our writers on the ways we can transform everyday elements into a gilded human experience. Whether you’re choosing thoughts, working through the muck, embracing an inevitable outcome or applying ancient alchemical wisdom, you’ll find encouraging ways to activate your change agent within. To access some of the Alchemy we've shared in NEA to date, enjoy the following selection of posts to peruse today.

Honoring and Resolving FEAR: Feel Everything And Relax
As we progress into this third piece in a series of investigating emotions, we will begin our deeper dive into the seven major families of strong emotions—the first being fear.
Nature Lessons in Slowly Letting Go
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
No Mud, No Lotus
Welcoming Home Co-Creators of the New Earth
Let Nature Speak to You
Several times a week I walk two miles around my neighborhood as a quick and easy way to get some exercise. All I have to do is walk out the front door. Thinking I can make even better use of this time, I usually listen to audiobooks or favorite YouTube