By Tara Kimes

Happy Monday aka Moon Day! Here’s a band that embodies the moon like I’ve never seen… They call themselves Warpaint and they are four women who create the most moody, romantic, and mystical music together.

I’m impressed that they’ve toured, become successful, and stayed together over 10 years…usually women bands fall out (probably due to the nature of feminine energy which can be chaotic in my opinion) but these four muses have found a way to merge into one consistent and solid sound that only seems to be getting better.

Warpaint are true artists uninhibited in their crone energy, and their music is completely and unapologetically guided by feminine flow/intuition. Their latest album is called “Radiate Like This” and it reminds me of what you’d hear if the moon made an album! Just check out the starting lyrics to the first song “Champion”:

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