In our ongoing investigation and documentation of the impact of AI on society, today conscious truther and energy worker, Angela Morris gives us her latest take on the topic.

I don’t know about you but I do not support AI writing books and people claiming themselves as an author when Artificial Intelligence did the work. I’m now seeing on social media outlets a “prompt” for AI to write your post for you. I’m seeing promotions from the coaching industry to let AI do the research for you, or find you leads.  

All of this is another “easy button” to mindlessness and losing our language skills, attention span, ability to connect to the heart of the communication.

Look at what texting has done to us, it’s created lazy communication, an inability to write in proper language, to spell, to focus. The art of communication is dying in the technocratic vat of shiny object syndrome.

Each time there is a “perceived” advancement to make things easier for society, the opposite ensues and the degenerative process takes hold.

What about your essence, your expression, your experiences, your heart and your energy coming through in your unique expression instead of simply a regurgitation of what’s been programmed into the AI, which is usually not necessarily true or correct, but further extrapolation from the agenda, the mainstream narrative and egregore’s mass programming. 

Just because a computer spit it out in a quick manner, does not make it good, nor true, nor can it hold the essence of your spirit shining through.

Using AI to write for you negates the purity, the emotions, the aspect of being that transcends time and space reaching into the humanness of being write on a page, in a book or even a social media post. Sure, AI can click-bait and play on emotions but it’s not authentic or real.

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