Reflecting on the themes evoked in our Summer Almanac print edition, contributor Janet Howard shares the following creative and inspiring affirmations that help support readers through the topics brought up and stories shared this summer season.

On my vision quest, an affirmation came into my mind and I use it whenever I need it--when I'm frightened, questioning what I am doing or feeling like I'm not sure where I am going:

"I am protected, guided, loved and safe."


I am more powerful in community

Being a Catalyst/Agent of Change

I dare speak truthfully

from the heart


I am a snake, shedding its skin

I welcome my powerful, vulnerable underbelly

Staying Whole in a Changing World

I am a tree--with deep roots--extending my arms to the heavens

I Trust myself and breathe

The Sun

I look to the sun for strength


I did my best that I could do at the time

They did the best they could do at the time

I forgive them

I forgive myself

I know

I trust

I believe in myself

I look to the wind

clean me

clear me

thank you

Janet Howard is happiest when she is with her children, playing with friends, quietly exploring nature and adventuring. She splits her time among Massachusetts, Maine, Hawaii and wherever she is drawn to visit. She is the author of Field Notes on Letting Go and its accompanying pondering workbook. Janet is releasing a 13-session workshop--“Read, Write & Release” combining reading healing essays, writing and sharing from writing prompts and practicing Kundalini yoga for release. The workshop will be released in October 2023. Janet is available for live or online energy medicine sessions. Explore her website at for updates, pondering blog, Kundalini yoga classes, and healing offerings. Find her on Instagram at Rosehip26 and Facebook at janet.howard.rosehip26.

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