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The New Earth Almanac is a daily devotional for the evolutionary soul. Written by visionaries, mystics, intuitives, artists and healers, the Almanac gives voice to and supports the collective co-creators building the world we wish to live in.

We publish daily via email, audio and online with full, printable flipbook editions released monthly on the New Moon. Our ON AIR offerings to date include the audio podcast, New Earth Conversations and the video series, Soul Animals & the Stars.

Events produced by New Earth Media, LLC include The Lightwork Awards and an upcoming outdoor festival, slated for summer 2022. We also sponsor the New Earth Nashville Meetup group, founded in 2019.

Editorial Team

Vol 1, Issue 2: Editor's Letter

Dear New Earthlings,

Welcome to the New Earth Almanac! In these pages, we invite you to join a sacred circle. The Almanac is not just a publication—it’s a co-created, collective healing experience presented in an online, audio and downloadable magazine format. Imagine sitting in the most incredible spiritual circle with visionaries, mystics, intuitives, artists and healers—each one taking their turn with the talking stick to offer you, seated with us, on a personal journey to realize the calling of your evolutionary soul…

Unlike traditional magazines that tell you what to think, wear or eat—we strive to provide you with thoughtful, spiritual nourishment designed to help you feel, fashion and feed your highest self. The only thing to put on is your loving heart, your curiosity, and your courage to investigate the areas prompted, participate in the suggested exercises, and join in our community discussions. Every daily Almanac entry is designed to meet you where you are and offer an enlightened way to start, reset, or end your day… every day.

Welcome into the circle!


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