As we come away from the Christian holiday of Easter, we reflect on Jesus, who is considered to be one of the most holy, advanced sacred masters that has ever walked this planet during this world of the earth. Not in a religious context, but as one who attained true Oneness with Mother Divine before “religion” was started. It is known in ancient Hindu texts that Jesus spent a great deal of time in India, learning the ancient yogic sciences of true consciousness. He (as well as his mother, Mary) was a master at these sciences and it was using specific codes--prayers and mantras that enabled him to connect to and have mastery with, the five natural elements that comprise our entire reality. The true history of Jesus in India is quite different from what his Life’s work became known as, after his death.

It is known that Jesus was the top divine soul whose deepest gifts were in his ability to forgive. Many masters or holy people before him received special blessings from Mother Divine, as they gained soul mastery. She granted them their special requests that they strived to experience while in human form. Jesus’ request was to walk through the entire death process--fully aware and fully conscious and to clear away karmas of humanity, so that others who came after him would have a more direct path “home”, to Mother Divine--the Creator of Creation. He did not “die for our sins”, he cleaned away our karmas so we’d have an easier journey through the darkness. He also sacrificed, as masters do, to specifically bring forward the specific, divine knowledge of how we can each attain the states he did, as well as how to embody the gifts he carried so that we’d be masters in our own right. It is only now, 2,000 years later that those teachings have reemerged for humanity.

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